Top-level 2D/3D imaging
2D/3D & Ceph imaging with Safe Beam Technology
Latest generation CT unit with the highest 3D resolution
CT imaging with open gantry for clinical applications & patient comfort


NewTom GO is an affordable, versatile 2D/3D unit, designed by NewTom to extend the diagnostic capabilities of all dental practices by combining the best 2D performance with the most innovative 3D technology.

The GO Advantages

  • Eight FOVs (from 10×10 to 6×6) and 4 3D acquisition modes place no less than 32 3D programs at the user’s disposal.
  • Self-adaptive focusing and filters deliver always-perfect diagnostic results.
  • The ECO-PAN protocol and SafeBeam™ technology reduce exposure times and eliminate the risk of over-estimated dosage.
  • Accurate, patient-guided positioning and ultra-fast scanning are yours at the touch of a button.
  • Simple, fast, intelligent installation ensures NewTom GO is ready to go immediately.

Technical specifications


NewTom GiANO represents the perfect solution for clinicians who want to increase the value of their practice. Thanks to NewTom’s high technology and a competitive price, the GiANO can be considered the most competitive 3 in 1 machine available. The clinician has at their disposal a device which can perform a wide range of exams depending on requirements: 2D, 3D, Ceph and carpal exams. The NewTom GiANO with a 2D configuration can be enhanced to 3D or Ceph at any time.

The GiANO Advantages

  • Decades of experience have given rise to a device that meets every clinical demand.
  • The multiple FOV options provide a comprehensive diagnosis of both the maxillary and mandibular arches possible in a single scan.
  • With multiple 2D exam options, the clinician is able to acquire extraoral bitewings with smart colomation rarely found on this kind of unit.
  • As an exceptional added-value feature, the device even offers the possibility of easily upgrading from 2D to 3D and Ceph configuration.

Technical specifications

VGi Evo

The modern, technological, competitive device has been developed from the engineering evolution of the NewTom range. The VGi Evo is the most complete CBCT.

The accurate display of details, superior scan technology and multiple FOV up to 24×19 cm allow for complete 3D head and neck diagnostics and multiple 2D examinations with just one scan. The CineX funcion provides a dynamic view of moving structures while EcoScan mode considerably reduces X-ray exposure.

The VGievo Advantages

  • Image acquisition at 360° with no distortion or artifacts, carried out with a single scan in order to optimize the available analysis time.
  • The generated images, in 16-bit greyscale with a 1:1 scale, provide an exceptionally detailed view of the scanned area.
  • User a “pulsed” emission, that unlike other system, activates the X-ray source only when required and captures the smallest voxel in the industry at .075mm.
  • NNT. The Powerful software allows processing of various image types as well as the tracing and measuring of anatomical structures. Images can easily be shared via third-party software and used on CAD/CAM systems.

Technical specifications


NewTom 5G is the results of numerous years of research and development in the field of CBCT technology, and can be used in various fields of application. With its modern design, spacious gantry and motorized bed, this unit is capable of scanning various anatomical areas, including the dental structures, small joints and the maxillofacial and cervical regions.

The 5G Advantages

  • In addition to boasting the smallest focal spot currently available on the market (0.3 mm), the unit also makes use of the revolutionary flat panel sensor technology, which provides for exceptional image quality and detail.
  • The pulsed emissions, which activate the X-ray source only when necessary, ensure extremely reduced patient exposure levels.
  • Thanks to its revolutionary bed, the unit can be used to perform a wide range of examinations in various fields, such as dental, medical and veterinary.

Technical specifications

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